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Fresh, exotic fish is another speciality. We fly fish in from all over the world for a demanding client base whose customers now expect some of the world's most exotic species to be readily available for the table.

Yellowfin tuna are brought in from around the world, and we also import top-quality swordfish with its delicious, almost veal-like taste, which requires gentle cooking to retain its delicate flavour.

The beautiful mahi mahi is found in offshore waters, the tropics and subtropics, and we fly it in from the Pacific, Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Its firm, well-flavoured flesh is popular for barbecues and makes a useful substitute for swordfish and marlin. Snapper has become very popular over the past few years, and again, we bring this into the UK. Other fish in our exotic range include grouper, kingfish, parrot fish, tiger prawns and white prawns.

Brown Grouper 10kg
Orange Grouper 12kg
Ribbon Fish 10kg
Dorade (Pink) Bream 400/600 15kg
Dorade (Pink) Bream 600/800 UP 15kg
Rabbit Fish 10kg
Emperor Bream 10kg
B-Liner Snapper 300-500 & 500-1 12kg
Parrot Fish 10kg
Trevally Jacks 10kg
Yellow Tail Snapper 300-500/500-1kg 12kg
Lane Snapper 300-500/500-1kg 12kg
Bourgeouise Snapper 2-3kg & 3-4kg 25kg
Bourgeouise Snapper Fillet 25kg
Grouper Fillet 10kg
Barracuda 10kg
Kingfish by fish
Whole Tuna Headless by fish
Tuna Loins Vac 25kg
Sword Loins Vac Pac 25kg
Head on Tiger Prawns Under 10 2kg Boxes
Head on Tiger Prawns 10/20 2kg Boxes
Head on White Prawns 20/30 2kg Boxes
Head on White Prawns 30/40 2kg Boxes
Head on White Prawns 40/60 2kg Boxes
Head on White Prawns 80/100 2kg Boxes